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The Story of SomeWhen
SomeWhen is the story of three friends, Matt, Tom and Hank, who met on a movie set as background actors. Their common bond is their ongoing desire to get a ‘real’ role in a movie, and that has been continually thwarted by a system that will not consider them as anything other than ‘Extras’.
When Matt, the genius of the three, invents a time machine and convinces the others that it works, they decide to use it to go back in time with the simple intention of filming themselves ‘acting’ in various time periods. Their misguided goal? To put a demo reel together that may help them secure acting roles in the present.
As they stubbornly try to ‘keep it simple’, they begin to realize that what happens to them in the past and in the present will change their lives forever. Fortunately, the worst of their blunders seem to get ‘adjusted’ by an elusive steampunk-looking character that vanishes as mysteriously as he appears.
Meet the the Characters
Matt, Tom and Hank, experience the adventure along with them, watch "These Guys' embark on a journey they could not be less prepared for... Kind of like real life.

Neil Enock; Creator, Writer, Director, Producer of SomeWhen
Neil Enock is an admitted ‘tinkerer’. After creating and hosting the million-plus viewed TrainTalk.TV podcast he entered the film and television world. Neil has since been seen in The Klondike Mini-Series and in 2 & 3 season’s of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He has lead roles in several independent short films and will appear in the movies Interstellar and Forsaken as they are released.
A great believer in independent productions, he often assists local and international projects in various capacities as crew or cast and has been known to lend his iTinkr studio to other productions. Neil also sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Indipro Alliance. As SomeWhen’s creator, Neil's current project is the Pilot episode ‘Fate’. 
Pilot Episode "Fate"
In the Pilot Episode, Matt gets his time machine to work and then has to convince the Tom and Hank that he has built something that actually works. It seems they have to learn the hard way, but once convinced they carefully plan their first trip to the past, deciding to travel to a time they are comfortable with, the Old West.
From the second they ‘land’ in the past their romanticized version of the the way things are is quickly shattered! Events unfold far too quickly and dangerously and in no time all they want to do is get back to their present. Although this is their first trip, They can’t shake a feeling that this was all supposed to happen, that something else is going on! Perhaps they are being watched by someone from… SomeWhen!
The journey has just begun. This is where YOU, yes you, come in. As with all indie productions until the production is picked up for broadcast or obtains major sponsorship. The production often rely on people just like you to pitch in big or small to help the production along. The Creator, Executive Producers and the Screen Industry have all stepped up to support this project. The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy has highlighted the importance and the impact this genre of television and film in this world. iTinkr and SomeWhen are ready to deliver.

An Indiegogo Campaign is currently running to help assist the production in completing the Pilot. Donate now to SomeWhen to see what happens next to this group of geeky creatives, aka 'These Guys' and their quest for fame. Join them in the fun and fantasy with a click and a credit card or check it out just for fun, through the Facebook/Events page. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with some serious swag.
Broadcaster Notes is actively seeking a Broadcaster. Please contact the offices immediately for conversation.
Sponsorship Notes is actively seeking Sponsorship. Large Cash contributions made outside of the current Indiegogo campaign include opportunity for special donor status and opportunity for a film credit. Product Placement marketing opportunities for corporations and small business. In Kind donations that support of the many facets of a Production are always welcomed. Gratitude to the many Sponsors already signed up for the adventure. Please note them on's media and in the links below.  
Media Notes's Creator and Cast members are available for Sound bites, Audio interviews, live in Studio Audio and on Camera interviews. There is no doubt 'These Guys' have artistic presence and provide entertainment where and when ever they are. Consider bringing them in for conversation, from the state of the industry to the technology used to create special effects and everything in between.
The following links will bring you all the Social Media sites, you can follow along and experience the journey first hand. Learn more about SomeWhen's story, the adventures await us all.
SomeWhen on IMDB

Additional Written Copy Credits to Neil Enock
All Photos and Video are sourced from SomeWhen and iTinkr

Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 Benefits of a Professional Car Service

Most of us have seen them, black cars, SUV's with drivers. Some of us have enjoyed the experience of VIP Transportation. But beyond the obvious Glam factor what are some of the real values behind having a Professional Car Service in your contacts.

1. Many professionals and executives know a day on the run to meetings is a day wasted in the office. With a car and driver there is no downtime driving, stuck in traffic, looking for and paying for parking, finding entrances, facing the elements. You are able to keep up on daily business, connect with the office or even conduct meetings while in transport. Allowing for deals to be done with out interruption.

2. Not all vehicles are suited for every occasion or environment. A professional car service will always dispatch a vehicle suited for your specific need and circumstance. Everything from high profile to under the radar, urban to rural, even the weather is always a factor when considering a vehicle for transportation. You may take comfort in knowing your vehicle suits your needs.

3.  Life does throw a curve ball at times. From everyday disruptors to major challenges, a car and driver at the front door or on speed dial can make a world of difference. Having someone to pitch in and help on a moments notice, like a personal first responder in times of need may be a key factor and often contributes to a best possible outcome during stressful times.

4. In business there are daily arrivals, departures, special events, site tours, investor visits and trips. Show the people that matter, you value them. Provide an opportunity for everyone to function to their best potential and remove and minimize risk factors by having VIP transportation and logistics cared for. An engaged and thoughtful colleague will be respected and remembered by others.

5.  There is always a special event, gala or occasion where a little VIP is in order. Lets face it after a day of hair, make up, under-wardrobe, wardrobe and heels, not to mention the hot date. The last thing on our mind is driving, parking, walking, facing the elements. The no fuss, no muss, no one left without a wine glass, we have a car and driver is the perfect start and end to a magical evening.

Find out how car service can add value and benefit to your professional and private life. Build a relationship by creating an account or have a contract on file. The simplicity, the support and the security of VIP Transportation will all add peace of mind allowing you to do and be your best.

VIP Transportation by Convoy WorldWide will compliment and contribute to our clienteles lives. Connect with us at for further information.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everyday Executive Protection

There has been an increase in conversation as of late regarding the level of safety and security most Canadians are used to. Convoy WorldWide is often asked to comment. Most often ConvoyWW's comment is, no comment. However, this is what Convoy WorldWide has to say...

In most western countries many people are able to live in healthy communities. Communities that lend to the feeling of safety and security.

The reality is even those communities are not as safe as they seem. Have you ever crime mapped your area? Read the district reports on crime in your neighbourhood? Looked past all the glamour of the Urban landscape to see what lies beneath the streets?

Often the real facts and figures show that many are struggling to make ends meet. As our world shrinks, resources dry up and relationships dwindle, yet there is still the basic human need to feel connected. With the hyperspeed of online connectivity vulnerable minds are easily influenced and infatuated.

That is where the real risk increases. The risk to corporations and the economics of it all are very real. While it is respectful to speak of corporate and online security, it is the risk to public safety that has shown the most significant increase. The computer is not often a hero. The real hero's, history has shown is the frontline, the first responder, the first on site.

The conversation of personal safety and security detail is something Corporations, Families, Communities, and Individuals must consider in this increased climate of risk.

Executive and Personal Protection is not something seen just in the movies and documentary's or for government leaders. It does take constant vigilance to keep situational safety while out in public, even without a specific threat Security Detail assumes there is always risk. Whether you are conducting business or enjoying pleasure Personal Protectors use their life long experience and training, their talents and unique skills to constantly assess and reassess every aspect that factors into your safety and protection while on your Security Detail.

Even here in Canada, you will find the need for personal security services. The powerful executive who likes to fly under the radar and conduct business efficiently. The gala event with special guest and the must have VIP transportation. The client's dinner and night out on the town. The trip abroad. A snow storm. Something as simple as a shopping trip and everything in between. There is a mutual trust built between the client and the personal protector, a trust that will bring peace of mind in todays changing world.

We all have People worth Protecting. The days of innocence may be behind us, now is the time to be informed, make responsible decisions and take action to ensure that what matters most is properly protected before the need arises.

To Learn more about Executive Protection follow along and join in the conversation on 

Additional Professional Papers may be found on LinkedIN Pulse Articles,
Convoy WorldWide's website & Carazcom's blogspot.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Intelligent Details

Short film has always been a passion of mine.

The opportunity for influence and instant impact. 

I Came across "Intelligent Details"

I have been tickled, Intelligence, Detail, Art of the Car, Technology and Film Making.

Thank you Bentley, just the thought of the what's under the hood, V8... horsepower.... litres...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Social Presser | World Ice Cross League

World Ice Cross League

The World Premier launch of the World Ice Cross League is taking place this September, 2014. The World Championship Cups of World Ice Cross League (WICL) tour will take place this December 2014 & January 2015 with over 10 tour races around the world. 

World Ice Cross League website launching September 2014 has all the information you need.

Look for upcoming events, like the one coming to Calgary, January 2015. Learn how to adapt your own outdoor rink for Ice Cross with tips and tools. Even find out how to create your own Team, from the little leagues to the pro show. Think you have what it takes, there is a Draft. Check out how to become an Angel Ambassador. Order Swag from the online store. Meet Event host Leah Drake. The website is something to see.

#FOMO you can find WICL on Facebook and Twitter

WICL connects with community's around the world. It engages youth, welcomes their friends, families to share in the next here and now professional world class sport league. Be active, be entertained, be a part of the dream, be ready to ride the rush, live your future now with
World Ice Cross League, the Hottest Sport on Ice

Friday, May 16, 2014

It would be good if you could 'make it stick'.

Those words from my respected colleague lingered in my brain.

I was looking for a 'job', I could hardly say the word. That's what happens when you have had your own business or take positions that suited my situation for 'fun'. Like the summer I spent in paradise taking photo's... different story. The reality, after years of success, I was ready to find 'a something new'. An opportunity, one that would use all my talents. A situation where my education, training and my commitment to excellence would shine through.  A position that would honour my life experience and open the doors for a world of possibilities...

Like a designer dress, one that makes you feel like a million dollars. The fit just right, you hardly know it's there. Every step, forward motion ready to meet the world.

So one day everything is the same, you know the pace of evolution. Then the next day, that changes.

Just like me our world is evolving. The pace of success, stardom and power can be overwhelming. For both the person and the people. Often change needs to be managed. As creatures of habit rapid change comes with risks.

Most recently I was reading a article of a politician that required Close Personal Protection. It explained how a Special Unit was formed to provide Executive Protection Detail. It went on to explain the basics of the Detail and the general costs. It also highlighted that it was a significant stress on public resources. There was a strong public reaction to the story. The first was, why are we using public resources for this? The second questioned if it was necessary.

I do believe that with open communication, connectivity and travel the world is indeed a small place. Our lives are not so isolated any more. There is now more than ever a 'in your face' pop culture. This culture is one that accepts instant reaction, reflex as normal. At times that lack of moment to evaluate the reality or repercussions of knee jerk action puts people at risk. The other side of the coin, history has shown that many premeditated attacks are based on a strong psychological reaction that connects with the aggressor. Often an interpersonal relationship with the victim doesn't even exist. Is Close Personal Protection necessary? When risk assessment says it is, it is.

The cost to create a entire new unit within an existing government, public force is a stress on the system and takes away from resources that were previously allocated. The costs associated with these stresses added up and in this specific case the cost were passed on to the politician. Not exactly the best circumstance for any of the parties involved. At Convoy World Wide our costs are to cover you, your specific detail.

Convoy World Wide provides Close Personal Protection. ConvoyWW understands the need for everyone to be safe. Our Detail Unit of Personal Protectors & Transporters create an environment where everyday business, be it personal or professional may carry on as usual.

I love life, how sometimes when you open the door, the future walks through to find you. It is with great respect for the industry, the company that I have found a fit for me. Feels like yoga wear, familiar, ready and willing, looks like a designer dress I can wear anytime and everywhere.

Convoy World Wide ~ Elite and Discrete ~ Private Protection & Transportation Service Agency.

Connect with me for conversation, it is a on trend topic. PP&T's / Bodyguards and their place in our everyday lives. When you look closely you will see they, we are everywhere.

Cara Azevedo
VP Development


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's my Point.

So many points, I will be brief.

My official position regarding the highly debatable cycle track.

I do not believe that the 'track' is a fiscally or physically sustainable infrastructure.

I believe that the 'track' will increase risk of gridlock, greatly reducing safety response times.

I believe that everyone has a right to bring forth ideas.

I believe that government has a responsibility to enable ideas to be presented and considered.

I believe that everyone has a right to debate ideas.

I believe that during debate dishonorable conduct is completely useless and shows signs of weakness.

World Class City? Lets see how it is done in New York City.

I have been quite verbal with regards to my thoughts on the Cycle Track. I have made many very specific points highlighting the challenges associated with the 'track'.  I have received positive feed back regarding my points. Those that are truly connected with me understand my 'points' very clearly, those that lack the information perhaps should try listening and learning. Practice engagement with respect. Experience the positive results of conduct with character.

The current status of the debate.

It was originally presented as a 22 million dollar infrastructure. That conversation quickly evolved into a 11 million removable infrastructure.

The conversation is continuing compromise to perhaps a North South Track and a Stephen Avenue route. Possibly the elimination or alternate of 1ST SE portion. It would also be in the best interest of everyone if Chinatown was to remain completely unaffected and removed from all plans.

In general I believe that government has the responsibility to govern for the masses. So if I do the math.

A community that represents less than 2 percent of the complete population. Even less than 2 percent of that population is represented in the downtown core and even less of that population is gender proportionate year round.

That leaves over 98 percent of the population to be considered as key stakeholders in this debate.

The thing is, this proposed infrastructure is not a new creation or an evolution of existing infrastructure.

It is a deconstruction of infrastructure that currently serves 100 percent of the population. Ultimately it is a take away from the Many to serve the Few. At the expense of All.

Really, that's fair? ...

We all know that safety is a major concern. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own safety.

I do believe that a continued commitment to cycling in our City needs to be supported. I believe that the City of Calgary and the various departments associated with this conversation will continue to incorporate cycling into its master plans.

I look forward to the integration of cycling into the new communities. I believe the Private Developers are doing a stunning job of creating complete communities that consider all factors of positive sustainable spaces. 

It would be in everyones best interests if the City did the right thing for a 100 percent of the population. They are elected officials with a responsibility of representing all citizens.