Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Woman's Vote 2015 #canpoli

It came up in conversation the other day, that I'm a Justin Trudeau fan. Time to clarify!

Let me explain a few things about me. I have never attached to a political party. I support valuable candidates in which ever party they may be running in. I have bought party memberships, membership brings voting privileges that enable me to support valuable people. Fundamentally, I believe in minority governments.

Most recently I supported the moves of the Liberal Party with regards to the Senate. I have been studying the Senate and completely agree that a major overhaul is in order to restore it to it's intended purpose. The Senate is what makes Canadian government a democracy not a dictatorship.

On the Conversation of the Women's vote

Obama recently ran two successful campaigns in the past election. Yes 2!. He ran the standard conflict and contrast to the Republican's and he ran the grassroots Women's Vote.

It was enough to hold office even though everything pointed to Obama losing his Power. All the experts predicted this would be the end of Obama with the economy and the Obama Care mess. The odds were a no brainer.

Not how I saw it. I watched him roll out the women's vote after he had established his stance. I have a very keen understanding of influence. The strategy employed was methodical and very deliberate.

I see Trudeau using the exact same marketing plan. I'm not buying it.

Justin Trudeau is NOT the Women's vote.

Justin believes that Women are dependents not worthy of income splitting. He believes that it is too costly to leave the hard earned family dollars in the hands of the Mother. Nothing in his history of politics suggests that he has taken any action to increase the quality of life for Women. The only moves he has made with Women is to use them in his marketing plan to sell you on his vote.

Most recent stunt. Or shall I say, step in the political strategy. Is to invite women to run for the Liberals in the upcoming election. Personal note, this is the point that as a women in politics, I'm offended.

The reality here. In fact the Liberals have long ago identified and solidified the candidates that they believe have the best chance at winning a seat. They have picked the markets they are going after and filled the spots with influential men. The large budgets have already been allocated. Many of the liberal campaigns have been launched and are already fundraising.

I could go on about marketing and strategy, it will be all so predictable to me. The strong male stance, the sensitive caring husband. The I honour my wife (new baby). Appeal to diversity (pot), the Corporate 'I got your back' (men on the pay roll) blah blah blah. He's even been to Washington (selling oilsands), Marketing Plan... Do you know how much your vote costs? Ask Justin he knows.

Relationships are built on safety and trust, Justin you and I are already separated.

A message from the UN Women

This is a real supporter of women, she's compassionate and concerned. 

The only one to have earned the Women's Vote is Jason Kenney.

Jason Kenney has a long standing history of standing for Women's human rights. He just does it. With out question or appoligy. He doesn't need an AD campaign paid for by you, to bragg about doing his job. With consistency he has taken real action to improve the rights of women.

Jason Kenney was the one, who made it so all Women becoming citizens of Canada would show their face during immigration ceremonies. Previous to Kenney's actions Women were becoming Canadian Citizens in the most inhuman of circumstances, completely veiled in darkness. Kenney understood the power of the message such a simple change would make. Now every women that becomes a citizen of Canada knows that from the get go. They are worthy of being seen.

Jason also supports the concept of income splitting. He is able to see past the greed that is big government. The reality is that supporting women and valuing them with cash dollars, will mean that more money stays in the hands of young family's. I can't think of anyone situation that needs a few more dollars in their pockets than a young family. Un thinkable that the Liberal government would rather take your hard earned money than believe that your family is valuable enough to be supported by not taking from you that which you have earned!

The Leadership race for the Canadian Progressive Conservative Party is just getting underway. The sooner Harper steps aside the better for all of us. The selling of Canadian sovereignty in FIPA is unforgivable, to me it was the ultimate sign of Harpers weakness. Canada needs a leader that can see the Big Picture, Be Powerful enough to take Action with Grace and Forethought. A leader that has the history of standing for the right thing. Jason Kenney has that history.

Vote Count

Citizens have a voice, make sure the one that represents you, really represents you. Our land needs real statesmen and women to govern this country. Not just a bunch of poster boys, and girls used as fillers. 

Find me on twitter and join in the conversation.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Social Presser | Go Fish February 2014

February is the the month of Love.
It is well known that love comes in many forms. Go Fish covers the full range of the love spectrum with its fun loving, quirky and sometimes out of control ways.

Go Fish YYC would like You to Join Us.

The Cast, the Crew, the Team.
As we set sail into the Big City.
Go Fish gets real in the Community.

Check out the different events happening around Calgary over these next few weeks.
Make a plan to connect with us.
We are always happy to Rock the Boat with our Fellow Fishers.

Go Fish YYC is supporting and attending the following 3 events this month.

February starts with a bang at the Alberta Media Wrap Party 2014. click for details and tickets.
Come as your Favorite Character! 
This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone from all sectors including support and creative industries to celebrate a thriving entertainment industry.
There are prizes to be won!
An industry full of uniquely talented and passionate, professionals and newcomers. Calgary has a thriving entertainment sector that has been uplifted by the dedication of it's leaders and the everyday actions of it's creators. It is something to celebrate. 
Bust a few moves with DJ!
You know with this Crew, there might just be a little Action, Comedy, Drama. Don't miss Go Fish as we get real at the industry party. 

Next up we are heading to Cowboys!
Halfway to Stampede Party with Brett Kissel and One More Girl, on February 7th, 2014
Click for Details and Tickets
Go Fish is grateful for it's diversity. The City of Calgary is unlike any other in it's celebration and embracement of culture. Go Fish has the giggles over finding their inner Cowboy and Cowgirl. Join Go Fish as we Go Western.

February is also Black History Month
Click for Details and Tickets
Go Fish is honored to be a part of this important celebration.

Hear Creator, Executive Producer Ghazal Alnahas Speak about her journey of success, fueled by passion and action. A winning combination. Also a chance to hear from some of the other cast members and the personal experience of Go Fish. It will be a evening full of culture and celebration.

A special shout out to all the event planners and organizers. The efforts to bring these and other valuable events to the citizens of Calgary is commendable. Heart felt gratitude for all that you. You are the extra ordinary that make this city, our YYC, one of the best destinations in the world.

Air dates and times this Weekend

Shaw Cable, Channel 10
Saturday, February 1st at 7 pm
Sunday, February 2nd at 1:30 pm

Catch the Wave, Get Hooked and Help us Rock the Boat this month - at any or all of these valuable celebrations of community happening in Calgary.

Corporate Partnerships are a wonderful thing.

Fellow Fishers find us on Twitter and Facebook

This month remember to #spreadloveyyc

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

P&G Thank You, Mom | Pick Them Back Up | Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

The Set, the Stars, the Cast, the Crew

On a very dark and cold night we ventured to help tell the most important story in sports.

Okay, I have a bias. Having raised two hockey players this story rings true to me.

Anyhow about the bias, a great project to be a part of.

These are some rare behind the scenes of Ten48's talent and a working set in the middle of the night.

Seriously I had a camera, of course I was going to capture. These are just a few of the shots from that bitter cold night.

The Sports Photogs
Cara Azevedo 
Cole Grey 
Cole captured Cara and Cara captured Cole. 

Shawn Mutch
Half Pipe in the night, up close and personal 
The Star 
Becca and Asher arriving like the Royalty they are.

Every Project I work on brings something new to the treasure chest. It was a thrill working with you all and so many other local talents. This project contained a few golden moments indeed!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Social Presser | Go Fish | Episode 2 Air Dates

Hello 2014!

The Girls of Go Fish are super excited about all the things Go Fish going on in the new year!

Fellow Fishers, Episode 2 starts Airing on Monday January 6th, 2014. Shaw Cable 10 Calgary and Area.

Here's the schedule for the next week.

Monday January 6th, 2014 at 6:30 AM

Monday January 6th, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Tuesday January 7th, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Wednesday January 8th, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Thursday January 9th, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Saturday January 11th, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Sunday January 12, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Now that we've all met the girls it will be fun to see what they are up to next!

In case you haven't seen it, here is the Season's Trailer: 

The Big News coming out of the Go Fish office for the New Year is the launch of our Product line.

We want everyone to join in the fun and be part of Go Fish - after all, we are all living the 'Dream'.

Prism Promotional Products and Go Fish are teaming up to create fun fashion and life accessories. Things like Work Out Shirts, Car Fresheners, Tongue Tattoos... Just to mention a few. You know - everyday necessities. We are also looking forward to the Spring and Summer line.

Coming in the New Year the Girls of Go Fish will continue supporting events through out Calgary and Area. If you have a celebration and/or event that the Cast and Crew can help out with, please feel free to connect and contact us!

                                      How to Connect:

Find us on Facebook and on Twitter.

To all our Friends / Fellow Fishers,

A sincere Thank You for all the energy and engagement you have brought to Go Fish. Life is a journey, the more the merrier. 
Time to Rock the Boat! Go Fish & Get Hooked

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Press Release | GO FISH | World Premiere

For Immediate Release, Dec 12, 2013

I remember the first time I met Ghazal. I think most people do. Ghazal Alnahas' beauty is beyond what you see on the surface. As an artist, she knows her craft, comes with experience and a whole lot of gumption. The writer and director of Go Fish has a exotic sense of humour that will be sure to tickle you.

The Cast of Go Fish

So wonderful, the story of a everyday group of girls. Modern girls getting by in the big city, shenanigans are sure to happen. Throw in a fish, well things are bound to get down right out of control.

The real life stories of the actors are not that far removed from the characters they play. A story Ghazal knows all to well is the one of making choices, choices to move forward while staying put. To build a foundation while climbing a mountain. 

With the help of the Cast (Chloe Duclos, Melissa Cambridge, Jill Robinson, Uma Jama, Jessica Swein), Ghazal Alnahas goes     'All In' in life and in Go Fish.

For Behind the scene's with the Cast and Crew of Go Fish

Jill Robinson, Jeff B. Wilkie and Ghazal Alnahas

Connect with the Facebook Page

Join us on Twitter @GOFISHYYC 
Listen to Ghazal with the lovely Doug Dirks of the 
CBC Homestretch | GO FISH Interview

More on this story, Eric Volmers at the Calgary Herald is featuring Go Fish.

Check out this locally produced and shot series airing this Monday December 16th at 9:30 pm on Shaw Cable 10

Congratulations to all the partners and collaborators that contributed to this project. Well done, now it is time for the fun.

To be a creator in life takes passion. Gratitude to the following industry artists. Additional Cast; Josee Nisbet, Chengis Javer, Quinton Barr, Allan Stickel, Vitaly Demens, John Scott, and Crew; Knaled Alijuboori, Tareq Aljuboori, Neil Shaw, Domince Lawerance, Spenser Trott, Daniel Tamison.

Join the Cast and Crew for the Screening Party
Monday December 16th, 2013
8pm Show on Big Screens at 9:30pm
Suggested Donations for non Cast and Crew $10.00


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Great Ward 8 Debate | Elect Ian Newman | City of Calgary 2013

The Great Ward 8 Debate

Have you been part of the conversation?

Still wondering what all the chatter is about?

Here are some last minute basics and links.


The City of Calgary Elections Link 

This Video is from the Ward 8 Civic Camp Forum held in the Community of Bankview.

Just one of the many full house community events Ian has attended over the past weeks on the conversation trail.

Are you are a voting resident of Ward 8?

Ian has been very successful in creating conversation and relationships over this past year.

Ian looks forward to continuing his journey of community engagement. This is in many ways just the beginning.

Ian Newman is completely qualified to sit in the chair that will be making decisions for you and your loved ones. Important decisions, the kind that affect the citizens of Calgary today and tomorrow.

Ian is grateful for your consideration and participation.

On October 21, 2013 | Vote, please and thank you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#CIFF2013 | Youth by Youth Cinema Competition

My Wow Moment...

Calgary International Film Festival

Raw or refined, that's the thing about film festivals. Often in one sitting you can see it all.

One of the reasons I love shorts.

I made it out to the Youth by Youth Cinema Competition | CIFF2013

As always I enjoyed watching the workings of young minds. Films show an audience what is going on in an Artists mind. For me it wasn't the films that stood out, so much as the personalities that produced them.

Really I could write an entire article about the amazing impact the Gaudio family is having on the future success of Alberta's digital innovators and content creators. Mentorship and infrastructure at at grass roots level is key to economic viability in the evolution of the Arts. It was obvious the effect they are having on the Artists ability to deliver quality product.

One can only hope when you are writer or at least my kind of writer, that there is a 'wow' moment.
Something you can sink your thoughts into. I was reviewing media from this event and I quite by accident saw my 'wow' moment.

Here's the story. My media notes for the event were very basic, no mention of any special guests. I decided to cover the event as it is totally my thing and the mini me loves it too. Perfect. We enjoyed the many entries from around the world. We ate popcorn and had candy, rustled the wrappers just enough to be too noisy a couple of times. Had a great time on the audience roller coster of Youth Shorts.

There was a lovely question and answer. I so enjoyed how the youth film makers talked about when they were little as inspiration for many of the films.

Then the Jury came in. To present the Awards for the Competition, the Honourable Mayor Nenshi.

It was a bit of a surprise that he had also attended the event. As Kelsi Jones walked down the isle to recieve her Award from the Mayor. I couldn't help but think what a extraordinary moment in time it was for Kelsi. How thrilling it must have been for her, all the surprise of the event.

I had the pleasure of meeting the family. Yep, the entire town came out ;-) to support Kelsi and her magical moment. Such a wonderful moment to share with them, to see how proud they are of Kelsi's getter done and dare to be different attitude. Awesome.

I happened to capture Kelsi receiving her award for Best Local Live Action Film in a 14 sec clip. I just couldn't help but think, how cool is that!

Later on the twitter, yes, the twitter, @Kelsi_CJ and the @Nenshi were tweeting. The Mayor does have pretty cool shoes. Interesting what the Artist sees:)

Congratulations to all the participants and sponsors! A special thanks to The Calgary International Film Festival for hosting this event. These kinds of celebrations are so vital in the development of talent in the Film and Creative industries. Something our family has always valued. 

Special Shout Out to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I remember the location on 9th Ave SW, where you all used to play the silent films for us baby's while we waited for dinner. I miss the old movie room. The food is still my favorite. Thanks for sharing in the celebration with us!

Wonder what next year will bring...