Saturday, October 22, 2016

Social Presser "The Other Side" Live Investigation Oct 25, 2016

Social Presser "THE OTHER SIDE" Live Investigation Oct 25, 2016

7:00 p.m. (MT)


Ghostly sightings of a woman in the window, loud stomping from the third floor, a balcony window that swings open without explanation. Are these the ghosts of Anthony Prince, the wealthy entrepreneur who owned the house or one of his three wives who all passed away in the house?

The Other Side is thrilled to be working with the production company Bamboo Shoots as they livestream a paranormal investigation of ghostly occurrences.
Be part of the energy of this first time event at the Prince house.  

Tune in on Thursday, October 27, 2016
For the season premiere of THE OTHER SIDE

Jeff Richards, Tom Charles, Michaella Shannon
Rob King & Trevor Mack

Canadian ghost hunters with an Indigenous twist

Spirits walk among us. Indigenous people know and accept this. But whether they are playful or shy, or angry and violent, they are here for a reason.  

Intuitive Jeff Richards, researcher Michaella Shannon and elder and spirit guide Tom Charles are on a mission to find out why.

Using intuition, ceremony, technology, and sheer nerves, the team engages spirits and humans alike with the hope that both will find peace.

Check Out the Trailer for Season 3
Season Premiere
October 27th on APTN


THE OTHER SIDE is currently booking Media for Print and Television interviews over the next week to discuss the upcoming Livestream and Season 3. THE OTHER SIDE'S story is perfect content for HALLOWEEN. Set visits for the October 25th Livestream are also being arranged, please RSVP. Connect with Cara Azevedo immediately @ +1.403.771.2529 or email






Monday, January 4, 2016

Social Presser ~ CannesReel Screening in Calgary

It's headed this way and in a hurry #YYC!

The Calgary screening of the Cannes Lions will now anchor Ad Week in 2016.
The 2016 Cannes Lions Screening in support of NABS
 Presented by the Globe and Mail.

#ADWeekYYC runs the Last week of January 2016 in Calgary with many Events in Celebration and Support of the Advertising Industry and the Creatives that bring us the Brands we know and love.

The National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is a dynamic support system for all Canadian professionals in the marketing and communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Reel is a compilation of the world zaniest Commercials this past year. It's is always a shocker of an evening seeing what Creatives from around the world put to Screen in the name of Brand messaging. Absolutely love it! Such a treat for the Imagination.

Cannes Lions Screening at ACAD
Alberta College of Art and Design 
1407 14 Ave NW 
Calgary, AB T2N 4R3

January 26th, 2016
Reception at 5:30 PM
Screening at 7:00PM

This is a trailer from a previous year at Cannes. I liked how it spoke to the importance of creative messaging and the place it has in our everyday lives. We all know the power of images, how to master it is what makes a great Advertiser. Just like every industry, raw talent is the start, training and experience leads to the excellence that is paramount for success.

Get your creative juices flowing with this energetic look at the Commercials that have rocked the world this past year. Be part of the energy Calgary, come, celebrate, you are Calgary's most colourful Creatives.
Follow along, be part of the conversation and connect on twitter for more information with #CannesYYC and more on other events with #ADWeekYYC.
I will also be engaging conversation @CaraAzevedo and @Carazcom

We look forward to seeing you there. Some will come fancy, many will come flirty, all will come for the fun and festivities!

Resources and relative copy credits to Cara Azevedo is a member of the Volunteer Committee that is bringing this Fundraising Event in support of NABS to Southern Alberta as an official event of Ad Week 2016.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CIFF 2015

Film has always been a pure passion of mine. My obsession with the power it possesses is endless...
This year The Calgary International Film Festival embraced the Celebration of the Spirit of Film.
Opening Gala
Featuring Cara Azevedo, Sasha Raimova, Nadine Sherner & Debra Ross
Photo Credit ~ Happy 4 U Media

When you take the time to read to credits, you learn it takes hundreds even thousands to make a vision a reality. Highlight event this year was a a trip to John Scott's Ranch, world renowned.
You can taste the decades of excellence and passion for ranching and film. Breathe taking.
Gone are the years past, this year CIFF shared the true meaning of collaboration through a diversified schedule of film and events that included all film lovers! Even room for an unofficial Pyjama Party.
Favourite Film this year was "Diablo", filmmaker Lawrence Roeck and his team delivered, leaving the audience wanting more.
Click Image to Find "Diablo" on Facebook
Canadians have been enjoying the story telling of  Paul Gross for some time now... I was completely taken with his latest Film "Hyena Road". This project somehow feels like it will need a mantle.
Well done to the executive, the staff, the volunteers, the film community and the people with passion for a story well told. CIFF 2015 was a complete success. Calgary is on the map for film done right, stop by some time...

Sunday, September 20, 2015


At this point there is still a life time left when it comes to The Campaign trail.
For those that know me, it's no secret I am in engaged in the Political Process. I study politics, public policy, the Senate, strategy and so much more for fun. Well not just for fun. I do enjoy learning the details of the systems that provide for and regulate my everyday life.
Typically I support valuable individuals in their quest for office. I'm old fashioned, I think it's honourable to serve a country that people have come to historically to escape from hardship.
This past week I had the great fortune to attend a fundraiser for former MLA Kent Hehr, incase you haven't heard, Kent is running in the federal election for Calgary Centre.
The thing about Kent Hehr is he gets Alberta. To listen and learn from Kent's incredible journey. You know he understands the people he seeks to serve, all the people, not just the ones in red. Find out more about Kent on Facebook and Twitter
This was also the week all the Leaders rolled into town. The stage was set and a Great Debate was had. For me its not about the win, it's about the conversation. I love debate, this one did not disappoint in showing first hand the faces of our next Prime Minister.
Events always have a story to tell. So we are in Calgary it should be of no surprise there would be a strong showing of support for the Progressive Conservatives.
Honestly after what's happened to our Province of Alberta this past while I was a bit relived to see the wave of blue.

I've always believed in Canada. Always. Regardless of my own political views, I believe in the privilege of democracy.
I believe in the right to vote for the voice that best represents you. I believe all voice's seeking to serve, have the right to run a campaign free of hatred and personal attack.
I was taught Canada is a melting pot, a place where peace and prosperity are worth protecting...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

#BWMF2015 ~ #Banff2015

I was recalling about how many years I have been going to the Banff World Media Festival.
At first it was a social thing, the early 2000's mostly the odd presentation and the gala's, the people, the party's. A see and be seen kind of thing. Living in the Rockies at the time made it even more accessible, it has always been a celebration of individual efforts and success within the industry.
Somewhere along the line I started to take the festival in from a studious perspective, time to take things a bit more seriously. My focus began to shift from my on camera, production and post production work to my writing and my communication skills.
By the time I had been developing Carazcom Modern Communications Model, the research was key and valuable, BWMF offered a chance for me to confirm and expand my thoughts with worldwide decision makers in an industry I have literally spent my life time engaged in.
Arts, Entertainment, Media and Communications have always been the foundation of my passions.
This year like the past few years, I had my meetings set, time to bring my talk to the table.
Carazcom has brought independent producers projects to the experience and the conversation at Banff. This year Producer, Neil Enock and his itinkr, and were the focus of the content distribution talks.
2014 year was the year Carazcom introduced the World Media Community to | Convoy Worldwide, Executive Protection and Elite Transportation. This year the conversation continues, it is a pleasure serving 'Stars' and those that create' them with style and safety. has been a source of support to many producers and projects. From the full slate of services to specific jobs, goals and out comes, Carazcom uses tools from the communications kit to meet your corporations PR and Project Management needs.
The highlight session at BWMF 2015 was without a doubt "Archer". Having accidentally fallen in love with the writing and the characters this past year. Having taking me five seasons to find it, is an occasion for binge watching. Seriously though so respectful of Adam Reeds brilliance as a writer. It was fabulous to sit in on the conversation. Love those, this is why moments...
Having lived in the paradise of the Bow Valley in the past, one might think I would get desensitized to the majesty of the mountains.
Still every time I am in the Rocky Mountains I feel my breathe being taken away, It's not just about the thin air. I couldn't help but play a bit of hooky to float in the hot pools and capture with my camera... 
Connect with Carazcom, Corporate Partners and Clients through the websites and other social media. See how we will provide for you.